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Game Functions

Whitepaper: Version 3.0
SINGLE PLAYER (FREE TO PLAY) It serves to train against artificial intelligence that was created by the project development team, it is a free mode, however you must have at least 18 cards to be able to play the same, where they are acquired on marketplace.
MULTIPLAYER This mode you can fight against other players online, where you need to indicate the amount they are willing to enter, whether 1, 5 or 10 DOLLAR (fictitious currency created).
The player who wins the battle receives 80% of the other player's value. This mode has a leaderboard on marketplace, which every month will be offered 10% of the accumulated profit value of the game, divided by the top 20 players. You can activate the potion system you purchased, which will be used automatically at the beginning of the multiplayer game.
PLAY TO EARN (DEVELOPING) This game mode will fight and complete missions that are given daily, when you fulfill them, you always receive your reward.
METAVERSE (DEVELOPING) It will be a virtual world linked to the game, where all players can walk through the village of Alcheir, communicate with each other, buy houses to create their battle team, take real-time strategy lessons, watch live 3D game tournaments in a combat arena, visit scenery and card museum, all as if it were in real life.
MY CARDS Check out the cards that will come in and be available to play.
SHOP You can acquire various assets that will help you in battle to overcome your opponent!